Getting free PR for your startup

When you’re starting a new business or launching an app, to get a strong customer base you have to do good PR. It will help to build a better reputation. Small-Medium-Large companies hire PR firms to spread the news and to reach more audiences. Instead of setting one press release, you can consider a targeted approach which is time consuming and yields surpassing results.

Know Your Audience And Make Direct Connections

Find who all are excited about your business, app or product once you pitch your story. Figure Out who else has written a similar topic of yours and what are the features they have. You can find it from Linkedin, Twitter and other social media platforms. Next step is building relationships with influencers in your field.

PR contact list

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    Ways to get free PR for your business:

  • Utilise reporter urgency and timely trends
  • Give a stupendous presentation at a major conference
  • Grow a Facebook or Linkedin group
  • Create a Contact List of Relevant Journalists

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