Preparing to pitch investors.

It's important that the pitch should have a thorough business plan. You need to convince them what makes your business plan valuable and worth investing in.

Steps to keep in mind before pitching to the investors

1. Creating a Presentation

You need to create a pitch deck that is easy for you to work off as well as gets investors excited to invest. Understand that you need a short version for your 10 minute pitch and a detailed one the investors could study on later.

2. Practising the pitch

A powerful idea is not enough to get you investors, you must present it such a way that your investors will get excited. For that you need to practice your pitch beforehand. Also brainstorming possible questions beforehand would make your pitching process much easier.

3. Compelling pitch story

Throw a compelling story at your investors that would address the problem you are solving in the market. This would make it more relatable for the audience.

4. Solution for the problem

This is where you address the unique solution you offer for the previous story. U have to explain how your solution is unique if there are any other competition out there.

5. The market you are targeting

Even if your idea is astonishing for your investors, you need to point out the market you are targeting. It has to be realistic, and has pick out specifically where your product would fit in.

6. Business model

One of the most important slide your audience is waiting for. At this point you have to present the products and its pricing and reassure how the market is waiting for your product.

7. A little history and future

Share your audience how you came to this idea and how much you worked to make it successful as it is now. Then you need to show them how you are planning to take it to the next level in the next 3-5 years.

8. Funding that you need

This is where you tell your possible investors the amount of money that you need. How much you have already invested and how much you are looking for.

9. Feedbacks

Collect as much as feedback from investors, answer their questions. Make them understand how much of an expert you are.

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