As a technical co-founder we help you turn your idea into a successful startup.

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Why Codeventures?

We’re unique here at Codeventures, as our services aren’t limited to technology and product development. There is so much more than that to building a successful business – so our passionate team are here to help you with every aspect. Take a look at just a few of our key services below.

Web Application Development

Need a web app or ecommerce platform? No problem. We can create a beautiful-looking web platform to your specific functionality and aesthetic requirements. Completely bespoke and customised, whatever we build for you can be scaled as your business grows and grows.

Social App Development

We take traditionally complex features like text mining, sentiment analysis and automatic categorisation and make them simple, effective, and easy. To help you learn and grow from your social strategy, we always provide daily, weekly, and monthly metrics and KPIs.

Mobile Development

IOS, Android or Windows, we’ve got you covered. We can create native apps for each operating system to maximise the potential of each one, including parallel processing on GPGPUs, offering better performance than their web counterparts.

User Acquisition & Marketing

Our social media strategies are so much more than one-dimensional. We incorporate tools to centralise multiple communication platforms and can also help you to run user acquisition campaigns across all social network platforms. If something doesn’t work, we don’t stop until it does.

Our Process

No matter the maturity of your start-up, we have got a dedicated solution to help you.

Technical Co-Founder

It all starts with our unique
Discovery Workshop

Our team of experts can help you with a discovery workshop. We’ll study your idea and work closely with you to build out a complete blueprint that shows exactly how to turn your idea into the fully functioning web or mobile app you desire. What’s more, your consultation is led by the founder and CEO of Codeventures, LLC, Aji Abraham, along with key members of our product team. Aji Abraham will act as your part-time CTO/Tech co-founder if you do not have one.

We don’t believe in all talk and no action. So, by the end of your initial consultation, we will have determined the user flow, MVP definition, high level architecture, user stories, development time frame, business model and go to market plan for your start-up business.

Codeventures, LLC is the start-up studio for the development agency Armia Systems, Inc. start-up partners in Codeventures pay the development cost in a mix of cash and equity. As we are equity partners, we will go beyond just product development to make your idea successful in the market.

Program Benefits


Have Your first investor even before you start

Codeventures will join your start-up journey becoming the first investor in your start-up even before you start.

Save all your hardware and software costs

Working with Codeventures saves you the costs of the technical tools and devices you will need. We provide you a ready-to-go product.

Have your own fully fledged technical team

Have your own team to support your growing start-up in all technical domains like development, infrastructure, digital marketing etc.

Mentorship from experienced and successful leaders

Experienced leaders to mentor you in all aspects of start-up domain making sure you have a successful business.

Our Pricing Plan

Every business should have their shot at success, so we’ve got a pricing plan to suit every budget. Our three models are all priced to suit businesses at different stages and sizes.

Early MVP

Start-ups in early stages

  • We manage the team
  • Deliver basic MVP
  • Part time CTO
  • $4-5K and 5-10% equity
  • Equity mutually decided
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Dedicated Team

Growing start-ups

  • You manage the team
  • Deliverable decided by you
  • Project Manager
  • Development team from $3K to $20K/month and small equity
  • Equity mutually decided
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mobile development

Pricing Details for each plan selected

For our MVP model, we give you the MVP ready for testing. It takes 2-3 months to develop a reasonable MVP. Full-time dedicated web/mobile developer costs $3,700 per month.

With our Turnkey Model, we work with you to develop the product, launch it, and get customer traction. During the discovery workshop, we will identify the scope and duration of the product development. Based on it you can either pay the development fees in cash or a mix of cash.

For our Dedicated Team Model, you get the benefit of a full development team from between $3,700 to $20,000 per month (depending on the team size 1 to 7 dedicated staffs per month). This also can be done with or without equity.

Additional Support Provided

We will continue supporting post-delivery in the following ways

Post Deployment Technical Support After product development and initial traction, we would help you with setting up a local or remote technical team once you have funding/revenue. Aji Abraham can act as the interim CTO until you find the right candidate. We can even transfer our developers who worked with you to your company or help you hire local talent.

Detailed Analytics Support We provide you enough analytics data to fine tune your business. These detailed reports based on either google analytics and other analytics could be used to take strategic decisions to develop your business further. We will work with you to identify methods for reducing the costs to increase average revenue per user.

Real User Testing Support We use user testing experts across the globe to identify the usability and effectiveness of the product developed. We will support you to overcome any gaps reported in these real user testing exercises. As these are real users who are going to use your application in real, their feedback would be the critical item that can decide the success of your business.


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Codeventures accepts only three start-ups every year. If you have any questions about our pricing plans or process, give our team a call on (312)423-6728 and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

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